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In a market that’s more competitive than ever, and where loyalty is hard won, Acuity understands the need for fast, accurate and reliable data and insights.  

We believe that all decision making should be informed yet intuitive. Our data empowers retailers to make market-winning decisions with ease. 

From trade planning and range reviews to substantiating marketing and price-matching campaigns, we are the trusted strategic partner to the UK’s largest retailers, providing confidence through clarity.


Supporting retailers with all their decision making, from day-to-day pricing to strategic planning


Breadth and depth

Acuity Pricing | Module 1

Price and Promotion

Daily price and promotion
Monitor pricing and promotional activity at category and SKU level to easily assess competitor behaviour, trends and stock levels. 

Pricing history
Track price changes over time to understand the impacts of factors such as inflation and raw materials costs, and assess how competitors are reacting and who is leading the market. 

Promotional history
Ensure your promotional activities deliver results by analysing effective strategies in a specific category or market. Evaluate campaigns against sales performance to understand which promotions deliver the best results.

Strategic pricing
Aid range planning and uncover price gaps in the market with deep insight into category range and pricing architecture across your competitors. 

Price index
Assess your value position against competitors at a total market, sub-category and 
SKU-level and set target indexes against competitors. Integrated sales data allows for a unique, weighted understanding of the figures.

Stay informed of price and promotion movement and product news with alerts sent straight 
to your inbox at a frequency of your choice.

Acuity Pricing | Module 2


Stay up to date with range changes across competitors, and use this data to support your range reviews and planning. Identify new SKUs in the market and understand which products have been removed.  

Understand availability levels across products per day to ensure current stock issues are quickly resolved and longer-term problems are identified, and understand where stock issues have impacted sales.

Market movement
A comprehensive tool to analyse data, trends and changes across your wider market, comprising daily price and promotion, assortment and availability movement. Quickly react to flash sales and price cuts, and view changes over time to identify trends and predict upcoming price or range changes.

Compare the nutritional content of your products with own-label competitor and branded equivalents, to identify areas where action may be required, and use the data to inform new product development. 

Reviews and ratings
Analyse product reviews across multiple retailers and evaluate competitor lines. Understand the impact of product changes, the misrepresentation of products online and why certain products may be experiencing a high level of returns.

Acuity Pricing | Module 3


Export Builder
Create truly custom reports and extract insights from data faster. Combine datasets, define the presentation to suit your needs and assign calculations to minimise the need for data manipulation all within our Export Builder tool.

Track price competitiveness straight from retailers’ websites with our browser extension and review competitor assortments and pricing strategies.

Outmanoeuvre the market

Discover how Acuity can keep you on the pulse, fuel your strategy and drive margin