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Price tracking solutions for brands



We believe visibility is the key to making winning decisions. 

From retailer negotiations to trade planning, we provide fast, accurate, reliable product price and promotion data. 

Our price tracking tool gives you vital insights at the click of a button with an extensive reporting suite. So you have full visibility of entire categories with automated, accurate daily product web scraping and product price matching.



New Product Development 

Track pan-retailer assortments to spot opportunities to support product range developments.

Retailer relations

Influence retailers with data-driven stories highlighting why they should list a greater distribution of your products.
Highlight your brand benefits and how your product will grow their ranges.


Layer pricing and assortment data with other data sources to understand the trends that are informing how people spend their money, and the impact of external trends, such as shrinkflation.


Acuity Pricing | Brands

Monitor your price position

Understand your competitiveness vs. other retailers and categories.
Track shrinkflation to check if your prices match competitors and the overall market.
Monitor prices and forecast the impacts of maintaining existing pricing levels vs discounting as per the wider market.

Acuity Pricing | Brands

Leverage product pricing history

Review product price histories and previous promotional strategies to project the uplift from decisions.

Acuity Pricing | Brands

Real-time price alerts and insights

Monitor competitor price changes and promotional activities.
Set price alerts and tolerances to quickly react to changes against key lines, or significant shifts from competitors and retailers.

Acuity Pricing | Brands

Support strategic pricing decisions

Drive innovation and validate your assumptions by reviewing pricing ladders to understand your price position and premiumisation. 

Acuity Pricing | Brands

Support sales teams

Validate joint business plans using product attribute and price tracking data.
Check compliance against agreed promotions to see what should be charged.

Acuity Pricing | Brands

Track stock availability

Track stock availability issues and support retailers or distribution partners to mitigate out-of-stock (OOS) issues quickly.
Understand ongoing supply chain issues and trends against certain lines and categories.
Layer availability data over sales data to reveal the commercial impact of OOS issues.

Grow quicker than the category

Discover how Acuity Pricing can take you above and beyond your current goals — and help you imagine new ones.